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Gov't Spying on US Citizens; Big Brother watching you-CISPA-NSA

4y ago


Big Brother: The Government is spying on U.S. Citizens. I published this video prior to the 2012 elections, but it is still relevent. - Yes, Gingrey was reelected, but beware, the NSA is opening in September 2013. Drones are already overhead - mostly targeting farmers for violations with EPA. Making it impossible for small farmers to continue owning their land---another story. BTW: Loved Brad Thor's new book - Black List: even if it is fiction, he did his research when it came to the law. Phil Gingrey, (Congressman from Georgia - District 11) voted YES (co-sponsor of CISPA), giving the Federal Government the right to electronically spy on the average US citizen without a warrant. And Rep. Phil Gingrey voted YES, allowing 30,000 drones to surveil US citizens without a warrant. Big Brother is watching you ---- Time to replace Congressman Phil Gingrey---- Also, see Phil Gingrey's position on the T-SPLOST. Now, you have a choice - a grassroots campaign. Please help--- Our children's future depends on it. "Michael Opitz, Candidate for Congress in Ga. District 11 Republican Primary, has approved this message."