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fan edit

fan edit

The Phantom Menace (fan edit) part 2 of 9.wmv

2y ago


This is my attempt to make Episode I faster-paced and without the needless comic-relief characters and the incredibly dull and inane dialogue. I've also omitted the whole midichlorians subplot. To achieve this, I've effectively edited Jar Jar and Anakin's respective parts down to a fraction of what they had in the Theatrical Version. I've also tried to do away with as many scenes featuring annoying characters as possible (like the Viceroys, the silly droids, the pod-race announcers and C-3PO). Please forgive the obvious imperfections, I did this on my laptop using Windows Movie Maker. Instead try to imagine this with the scene and sound editing of a professional, I'm sure you'll find it no worse sitting through than the original work.