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Peter Gunn Theme Song

4y ago


This is a jam of the Henry Mancini Peter Gun Theme played by the band STONEY END at the Casa Loma Ballroom in St. Louis, MO. The STONEY END BAND is comprised of several accomplished high profile musicians who's resumes reach back as far as high school garage bands in St. Louis to studying in Europe with legendary musicians and becoming legends themselves. Opening bands for Jimi Hendrix, Teen Bands signed with area radio stations. Most went to high school together all have grown up with midwestern grounded influences. Music influences starting with fundamental gospel/ to playing with artist such as Alice Cooper , Muddy Waters, The Who, Beach Boys, Doobie Brothers/REO Speedwagon/Pavlov's Dogs with school friends Michael McDonald and Steve Scarfino who also were in some of the band member that played "Teen Towns" on both sides of the river at Castaways in MO and ARCs in IL. We knew these bands as The Good Feelin' Band, Michael and the Majestics, The Aardvarks, Acid Sette, The Imperil-Els to name a few. Rounding off this impressive group of guys is a gal named Cindy Lewellen who's strong vocals stand up to some very breathtaking music. Please visit their website and read more about this accomplished group of people! Check it out!