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Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) - Homeland Security - Call To Action

3y ago


The Department of Homeland Security has requested 7,000 AR-15 style "Personal Defense Weapons", PDW). Not to combat terroristic threats, invasion by a foreign enemy or civil unrest. Nope. The request specifies that these Personal Defense Weapons are specifically and uniquely "suitable for personal defense use in close quarters and/or when maximum concealment is required". They are for their personal protection. So the government decries these as weapons having no need or use to be anywhere other than the battle field. They do only one thing, kill masses of people. So, civilians don't "need" them and furthermore their right to bear them should be curtailed. Then they turn around and claim they are a "suitable" Personal Defense Weapon. Furthermore they require STANDARD 30 round magazines be supplied with the firearm. No use of the politically charged term "high capacity". You must get active to fight this hypocrisy. Write and call your representatives at the state and federal level. Ruger has made it very simple and I've included a link to their page below. Don't be a silent bystander assuming others will support your 2nd Amendment rights. You need to be part of the solution! Write and call now. Send a letter to all your State and Federal Legislators in one fell swoop here: (Once you know who your representatives are you can call the Congressional Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask for them by name. You will be forwarded to their office where you can leave your message asking that they represent you buy not supporting any additional gun control measures) Here are the studies referenced in the video: More Guns, Less Crime UNDERSTANDING CRIME AND GUN CONTROL LAWS, THIRD EDITION John R. Lott Jr. (An empirical study of the 1994-2004 Assault Weapons Ban) Link to interview with author here: FBI Uniform Crime Report on Violent Crime here: Share, Like, Subscribe! My Website My Facebook Page My YouTube Channel