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Per Audacia Ad Astra (NASA Space Shuttle Tribute)

4y ago


"Per Audacia Ad Astra (Shuttle Tribute)" Written & performed by Josh Brickman Original production by Matt Sullivan Set to original music, and utilizing footage from NASA, news outlets, and various compiled sources, this video is a tribute to Space Shuttle Atlantis and the now-retired United States Space Shuttle Program. None of the sampled videos are my own; I have included a list of sources following this paragraph. No sale or profit will be made from this video, and it is not my intention to maliciously utilize or infringe upon any copyrights. I'm no legal expert, so I won't attempt to misquote that "Copyright Disclaimer" paragraph that seems to float around everything these days. Instead, I'll just link directly the the U.S. Copyright Office's website/page on Fair Use provisions, and let that text (hopefully) speak on my behalf: Sources include, but are not limited to, the following: Astronauts Jumping in Space: Atlantis Final Launch: Atlantis Final Touchdown: Discovery 1998 Launch: Challenger & Columbia: Earth HD Time Lapse: Hubble Space Walk: ISS Fly Around: JFK Space Efforts Speech: Neil DeGrasse Tyson on Bill Maher: News Channel 8 Coverage: Remembering Columbia: Star Trek Enterprise Intro: Shuttle Discovery Welcome: We Stopped Dreaming: Lyrics are as follows: The date? October twenty ninth, nineteen ninety Eight. And the time? It was in the afternoon. I was eight, sitting in my third grade classroom. My fate? To watch a man blast off towards the moon. Now it wasn't to the moon, it was just into space. But I could care less, you see the look on my face Was a smile from ear to ear. Nothing was more clear. Mankind in space, we were meant to be here. Starstruck, and spacebound, the eight year old me Listened with awe, and watched fervently. I was told about John Glenn, the Mercury Seven, How less than fifty years ago we couldn't touch heaven. The desires of man to explore and to fly. I watched as that shuttle took off for the sky. My cares in the world, all blasted away, I saw Discovery blast into space that day... (Interlude featuring excepts from John F. Kennedy's speech at Rice University on Sept 12, 1962) From the wake of Apollo, the Shuttle would follow, And grow into a glorious program, a model Of success and achievement. NASA was king; Mankind in space on the strength of their wings. And despite the world's changes, the shuttle was constant. History pages written on the back of a rocket. Endeavors, Discoveries, we Challenged it all. Enterprising young souls always answered the call. And despite the disasters, we kept marching on. Fallen heroes remembered in verse and in song. STS fifty one and one hundred seven; I don't doubt in my heart you're still touching heaven The ultimate given in the name of progress. We put Hubble in orbit, SpaceLab, ISS. Space-faring heroes this is always your day, And then they took the shuttle program away... (Interlude featuring further excepts from John F. Kennedy's speech at Rice University on Sept 12, 1962) Space flight is inherently dangerous, it's true, But we take the risks in order to further mankind. If you don't move forward, make progress, or try, You're only just falling behind. So make those irrational decisions sometimes, They're the ones that fuel your dreams, they're the ones that write y...