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The People's Court ☯ Cuckoo, Cocoa Crapper Critter Takes a Second Dump

1y ago


ATTN: I found another episode of the other judge (whose name need no mention) and posted it in March, but didn't realize it was there until recently. It was marked "private;" hence, it didn't get pulled with the rest of 'em. So please have a look-see at it if you wish, it's listed under "Look What I Found!" and is 4 videos behind this one dated from March. I could write something funny, but it's 112 degrees where I am right now and I can barely keep my eyes open.Yes, I said a hundred and fucking twelve! The hottest I've been in is 128 in Laughlin, Nev. in July of 1994. I got diarrhea from the buffet at the Flamingo Hilton and my cousin and I had to drop mud at that filthy K-Mart in Bullhead City after I sharted in the middle of nowhere and we turned around on our way back to Vegas. I wouldn't even shoplift from that place, so dirty and thanks to us, uninhabitable for the rest of the day. And if that story hasn't killed your appetite, the tale the plaintiff tells in this case will hopefully do the trick. The retro ad I tacked onto the end of this case features a sexually ambiguous police officer discussing the merits of making it pop in your mouth rather than simply blowing itt to completion. (Of course we all know what I prefer.) Then he does a little dance with them and it's over. I need some sleep, I feel about as lucid as the plaintiff. Rate, comment and enjoy!