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even flow

even flow

Pearl Jam @ Main Square Festival, Arras - 30-06-12

2y ago


This was the 1rst time I see Pearl Jam live. I've been meaning to see them for a long time now, but never had the chance to... Now it's done and I must say this is was a great gig. It was outdoor so obviously the quality of the sound wasn't at the best but at the end his voice was very clear and the sound not as bas as I feared. Great energy from the bad, great tracklist. The miracle happenned : Black (I was desperatly hoping for Black to be played) Anyway, great night, will defenitly go back to see them asap. Here is the tracklist : 00:19 Release 05:23 Go 09:13 Severed Hand 13:12 Do The Evolution 16:50 Better Man 21:34 Low Light 25:04 Amongst The Waves 28:57 Even Flow 35:46 Wishlist 38:39 Lukin 39:39 Corduroy 46:22 Nothingman 51:18 Arms Aloft in Aberdeen (Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros cover) 54:59 Unthought Known 59:03 The Fixer 01:02:14 Rearviewmirror 01:10:04 Given To Fly 01:15:52 Breath 01:21:12 Just Breathe 01:25:26 Black 01:33:38 Jeremy 01:38:49 Alive 01:45:53 Yellow Ledbetter Enjoy! Made with an iPhone 4S & WLMM.