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Peacock Spider 5

4y ago


Courtship of Sarah's peacock spider (Maratus sarahae). This is the only footage of this species that exists to date. I found these specimens during a trip to the Stirling Range in September 2011 at a time when this species was still "unknown to science". Here is a paper that David Hill and I published subsequently about it Music in order of appearance, Annie (Ben Beiny) City slickers (Olive Musique) Funky Mama (Olive Musique) All music downloaded and licensed through Photographs of this species on ipernity or flickr: Images of related species: Movie in slow motion Check out Peacock Spider on Facebook for additional info A student in Thailand has been inspired by peacock spiders for women's fashion. If you like it give her the thumbs up, I am sure she will appreciate it!/photo.php?fbid=478793135586031&set=a.477596339039044.1073741833.458106814321330&type=1&theater