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4y ago


I'm currently reading "The Old Patagonian Express" by Paul Theroux (dad of Louis Theroux, who makes TV better than poo). The lyric was quarter made up on the spot, but largely and accurately describes the fact I'm reading a book by Paul Theroux called "The Old Patagonian Express". Lyrics go something like... --- I'm reading a travel book by louis theroux's dad He journeys through Peru writing down what he sees He sees Indians and tourists and sometimes he just reads Edgar Allen Poe and Mark Twain and looks out the window I read it on the tube it fits in my inside pocket I read it in pubs in between sips of my guinness I read it on lunch breaks it makes me feel far away Imagining I'm traveling on trains in Latin America (and Central America) Paul Theroux's my hero he even smokes a pipe Travelling from Boston all the way to Patagonia He's going through a world that's largely disappeared Thirty years isn't very long but oh, it's long enough for me