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pat metheny

pat metheny

PAT METHENY - Zero Tolerance For Silence (Complete).wmv

1y ago


Jazz guitar great Pat Metheny's controversial 1994 album "Zero Tolerance For Silence" in its entirety. This album was met with mixed reaction from fans and critics alike and left many wondering why Pat released such an album in the first place. It has since become somewhat of a rare collector's item as it has been out-of-print for many years. Part 1 (0:00-18:40) Part 2 (18:40-24:03) Part 3 (24:03-28:26) Part 4 (28:26-33:44) Part 5 (33:44-39:49) All credit goes to Pat Metheny for creating this music. As it is out-of-print, there should be no copyright issues and none are intended.