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boise idaho

boise idaho

Pastor Roland H. Buck Communion Message Mix part 1

4y ago


Roland Buck was a humble pastor in Boise Idaho who was visited by angels in the late 70's. This is a few clips from one of those messages that were brought to him by Gabriel the arch angel. You can read about it in "When Angels Speak," compiled by Timothy Holt. I put some music in the background and please note that this audio message was taken from a cassette tape made in the late 70's. And I know I need to turn the music down for future mixes. I completed most of these mixes from my channel years ago so I will listen to your comments and moving forward will be more careful to not overpower the message with the music. You can order these messages without music from Central Assembly Assemblies of God Church in Boise Idaho. This one is from the message titled, "He Tasted Death." I love to take communion while listening to this mix. When I feel sad, hurt, accused, or distant from God I listen to this and take communion and He brings me back every time. I encourage you to do the same.