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Staff Picks

Party Line - Glenn Rivera ReStructure Mix - The Andrea True Connection

2y ago


Andrea True (Andrea Truden) is a Nashville artists who not only sang the disco hit, "More, More. More" but also performed it as an adult film star. After disco producer, extraordinaire put together a production for Andrea's first single - and after it became a hit the album was recorded and history was made. "Party Line" was my favorite below "More, More, More" and was one of the first songs I can remember hearing blaring through speakers ina discotheque as a teenager. It really left an impact on me. I have taken the album version of Gregg Diamond's classic production and Tom Moulton's magic and created a new ReStructure Mix adding a down beat and a guest appearance from Kraftwerk. It is one of the true disco hits I vouch for and still a big favorite!