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Part of Me - Katy Perry (Michael Minelli Cover)

4y ago


After watching The Grammys and listening to Katy Perry's song "Part of Me" I thought it had amazing lyrics and the potential to be a really soulful song. A couple days later I met up with Mike Day to get a feel on it and really just went from there. After we finished the song Ron came in and put down some piano in certain places to add some more emotion to it. I decided to shoot this somewhere other then the studio because it just had that nighttime, dark feeling to it. s/o to Eric once again for helping with everything, this dude really was there through the whole process. Anyways, I wanted to show how deep this song really is, so I hope you guys enjoy this as much as we did making it! By the way, I shot this using a Sony DCR-SX33 and edited it myself (again). If there's anybody out there interested in shooting future projects link up with me and let's work! Until next time, *Michael Twitter: @MrMinelli @iamRhythm_ @Ugly_Michael Facebook: Also, Check out Michael Day's band, LITTLE UGLY! SONG DOWNLOAD LINK: