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us economy

us economy

Part 4/7-2011, 2012 Predictions on Terrorism, Al Qaeda Retaliation + more by Darshini In Spirit

4y ago


This Lecture was given o 5/7/11 at Lake Forest, Ca. The following information was given: Osama Bin Laden, A new regime of leadership for the Al Qaeda group, Terrorism in the USA -- Predictions, 2011 Predictions, 2012 Predictions, Signs of the 2012 shift, Suicide, Logic's, Emotional's, Polar shift, Tsunami, Earthquake -- California & Seattle,, Animal reactions, The Candle Exercise, Far Future Predictions, Chemical Trails, mass fish and birds deaths, riots, energy, other dimensions, parallel universes, Einstein, fear, Predictions on the Stock Market, Presidential elections, Obama, Bush, Tea Party, A new Green Party, Spiritualism, Medium, US Government, Protection exercise to get rid of bad spirits in your house, Ghosts. This is another update on a few of the projected predictions for 2011/2012: as in my YouTube video uploaded on 2/3/11 -- which CORRECTLY PREDICTED: Floods, F4 Tornado Activity, Country uprisings, etc. The book to be published soon :) will be a handbook to What To Expect with the massive shifts we are undergoing now (which is connected with the 2012 shift). The book covers ALL aspects of the changes which involve not only a Spiritual shift, but also: Physical changes to our planet and others, dimensional shifts, shifts to not only All humans and life, but also on many other levels too. These video's only give the possible reader a peak into what will be shared in the NEW book to be out soon. Some of the issues covered are: Shifting energies, other dimensions, human evolution to the next level, energy, animals, depression, the current high suicidal rate, dizziness (some of issues which are on other free YouTube lectures given last year), about the behaviour of the 'logics' and 'emotionals' in your lives, personal relationships, welcoming of the New Era of Children now being born to Humanity, Terrorism, the Korean confrontation, U.S. Economy (and a few other economy's covered in the world), weather patterns - more details on local U.S. and also the Asian weather patterns, Earthquake and Tornado predictions, Global earth changes, Fear - what to do to deal with it, Religion, Ghosts and other beings, about people's jobs and career's. Other than the above, there will be other discussions on other important subjects for the future. With the information, in some cases the Reader will be given ways and means how to counter act or deal with the situations they will be in or presented to. Should you wish to be notified of the release of this New Book, kindly email: For other lectures on this subject, please either type in darshini in spirit, or, inspirit.darshini - Thank you! Website: