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Park Hotel Passover Suicide Bombing - Analysis

4y ago


Marc Kahlberg is a retired Israeli Police Detective and counter terrorism expert. He will analyze the Park Hotel 2002 Suicide bombing from the perspective of a first responder. In this attack 31 killed and 150 injured. Marc describes this as a "dirty attack" because it was executed on Passover, targeted families, holocaust survivors, women, children, and the elderly. Other than to instill fear into the hearts of the Israelis the Park Hotel Passover suicide bombing had no military target in mind - it was a pure attack on innocent unarmed civilians celebrating a Jewish religious holiday. Let's explore the attack in greater detail: You will see the mastermind was also a political Hamas leader as well as a military Hamas leader. Israel released al-Sayyid during the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange. The local leadership: Abbas Bin Muhammad al-Sayyid: The highest-ranking Hamas operative in Tulkarm. Responsible for planning and coordinating the Park hotel suicide bombing attack. Initiated, organized and operated additional terror attacks in Israel proper and in the West Bank that claimed the lives of dozens of Israeli civilians and injured hundreds. In addition to his terrorist activity, he was also involved in a variety of political, propaganda and organizational activities (see below). Muhannad Taher : The highest-ranking Hamas operative in Nablus and the northern West Bank. Responsible for coordinating the suicide bombing attack from Nablus as well as transferring and delivering the explosive belts (produced by Hamas infrastructure in Nablus ) to Hamas infrastructure in Tulkarm , where they were used for the Park hotel suicide bombing attack. The middle level, involved in dispatching the suicide terrorist to Netanya: Mu'ammar Shahrouri : Infrastructure operative for Hamas in Tulkarm. Arrested in May 2002. In an interrogation by the Israeli General Security Services, he admitted to serving as the liaison between Abbas al-Sayyid, coordinator of the suicide bombing attack, and the two suicide terrorists who were supposed to carry it out (one of them being Abd al-Basset Oudeh ). Thus, Shahrouri was involved in transferring funds received from Al-Sayyid, delivering the explosive belts from Nablus to Tulkarm, photographing suicide terrorist Abd al-Basset Oudeh and arming him with the explosive belt. Muhannad Talal Mansour Shrim : Infrastructure operative for the Hamas in Tulkarm. Abbas al-Sayyid's right-hand man. Arrested in May 2002. Was asked by Al-Sayyid to prepare posters and cameras to record the suicide terrorist before dispatching him to carry out the suicide bombing attack. Met with the driver who transported the suicide terrorist, supplied him with a counterfeit ID card prepared by Hamas infrastructure in Nablus, and instructed him to purchase an Israeli vehicle in order to transport the suicide terrorist. He witnessed Abd al-Basset Oudeh's preparation and photographing before the suicide bombing attack. Sentenced to 29 consecutive lifetime sentences and 20 consecutive years in prison. Ali Khudeiri : Infrastructure operative for Hamas in Tulkarm. Killed in May 2002. Delivered explosive belts and counterfeit ID cards prepared by the Hamas military infrastructure in Nablus to members of the Hamas infrastructure in Tulkarm. Fathi Raja Ahmad Khatib : Resident of the village of Qafin near Tulkarm. Arrested in May 2002. Admitted, in an interrogation by the General Security Service, that he had purchased a vehicle in Israel under Al-Sayyid's guidance and used that vehicle to transport Oudeh to the Tulkarm area, where the two switched vehicles and entered Israel. Sentenced to 29 consecutive lifetime sentences and 20 consecutive years in prison. The operational level Nidal Qalaq : Resident of Nur al-Shams (Tulkarm). Arrested in April 2002. Was supposed to serve as an additional suicide terrorist in the Park hotel suicide bombing attack. A day before the operation, he announced he could not ca...