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big bottom

big bottom

Panjabi MC & Humble The Poet - Moorni (Remix)

4y ago


FREE Download: ===LYRICS=== Where you think you going love All dolled up, bling bling and you showing off Hotter than a summer fling fling Got me going off Wanna get yo number Ring ring but you blow me off you look like a tumbi skinny from top big bottom keep movin losin for me is an illusion a brown boy baby We don't blush We too cool man I like the way you grooving Loosin your hips so I can get a grip And Cruise in oozing Our bodies to start to fuse and Sweat drips Tongue tip round your lips like Oooh man Do it It's your boy humble p The best thing to rap on Punjabi MC waddup jay z You lazy the way you say it We Not poon-jaa-bee We Punjabi!!!