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Panic Puppet Zone VS Twinkle Circuit (Remix) by BrandTanooki

4y ago


So I got bored one night and was watching an interesting video about Sonic music. So I thought... why not combine Panic Puppet Zone Act 1 & Twinkle Circuit together and see how they sounded? Once I did that, it sounded EXTREMELY good! I actually think it sounds better! But that's just my opinion! What do you guys think? =D --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­­­--------------------------- Want to stay updated with my videos or just read some stupid and random crap? Be sure to follow me on Twitter then!!/BrandTanooki Where the songs are from: • Panic Puppet Zone Act 1: Sonic 3D Blast • Twinkle Circuit: Sonic Adventure I do not take any ownership in both of the songs used. Sonic the Hedgehog and these songs are copyright of SEGA. All rights reserved.