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kevin durant

kevin durant

Painful NBA Finals Recap & TDM on Oasis with PP90M1 - bobbya1984 MW3 Commentary

4y ago


Today, Bobbya1984 and Vanessa take a painful trip down memory lane as he recaps the 2012 NBA Playoffs/Final. Watch as Bobbya1984 take his anger and frustration out on all the Heat fans on the opposing team. Subscribe to IGN's channel for reviews, news, and all things gaming: TAGS: "modern warfare 3" "mw3 commentary" "lets play modern warfare 3" "nba finals 2012" "okc" "kevin durant" "russell westbrook" "roy hibbert" "miami heat" "rajon rondo" gameplay games "bobbya1984 commentary" "bobbya commentary" pc "call of duty modern warfare 3" "bobbya1984 black ops" "playstation 3" ign "xbox 360" HD HQ 2012 official video