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OWS Screen Printers

4y ago

Description The Occupy Wall Street Screenprinters Cooperative The Occupy Wall Street Screenprinters Co-op was born out of three OWS Screen Guild members who decided to print for the occupation full time. We make prints for free, and accept donations for tees or tote bags. In this way, we have raised a substantial amount of money and support for the OWS General Fund, as well as servicing other Occupy groups in need of printing. From our origins at the Zuccotti Park encampment, we have become a mainstay of the occupation, popping up at events with ink and screens to share our art with The People. Our Cooperative is currently made up of three members who seek to establish a new paradigm in the apparel industry, and our mission is threefold: Creating sustainably sourced apparel with a message No sweatshop tees here! We seek recycled, organic, and/or union made printables whenever we can. Our upcycle project features one of a kind, gently used apparel with carefully selected prints, reducing the environmental impact and calling attention to injustices in the present apparel industry. Establishing fair labor practices through a cooperative model After 6 months volunteering with the OWS Screen Guild, we realized our project had the potential to grow into something very big. The support we recieved from the Occupy community, was astounding. In order to meet the demand for tees, we set up shop in a donated workspace and began taking custom orders for OWS affiliated projects. As a worker owned co-op, we strive to keep our tees and totes affordable to all. We are developng a horizontal management structure and a fair division of labor. Ensuring affordability to all, with a suggested donation pay structure This is perhaps the most crucial aspect of our project. Occupy Wall Street is a movement of the 99%, made up of people with little to no discretionary income. We want everyone to be able to wear our shirts, regardless of what they are able to pay. For us, solidarity and outreach are infinitely more important than what we have in the bank. Other Ways You Can Help Some people just can't contribute, but that doesn't mean they can't help! For details on our upcoming live printing events: Follow us on tumblr Tweet with us @OWSscreenprint Send an email to Spread the word to your friends and family!