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citizens united

citizens united

Sit-In Against Citizens United

4y ago


3 chained citizens block traffic in Brooklyn Bridge roadway, 07-06-12, to protest against the impact of Citizens United on the 2012 elections. The Citizens United decision, handed down January 21, 2010, permits unlimited corporate spending on political ads. The Court ruled that corporations are entitled to the same First Amendment rights as "persons," and that corporate spending on political ads is a form of free speech. Since the ruling, ad spending by special interest groups has increased by 1,139%. About 100 of the top donors gave 76% to the organizations permitted to receive these unlimited donations known as Super-PACs. Organizations known as 501c groups, groups that are non-profit, are also permitted to receive unlimited corporate donations for political ads, but without having to disclose the donors. The top third of Super-PACs gave $25 million. "We're talking about a billion dollar election season this year," says William Livsey. "And I think that people need to pause whatever they are doing and realize that this is a crisis. Our democracy has been hijacked by big corporations, and we need to do something dramatic about it."