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north carolina

north carolina

Our Children Deserve Better - VOTE John Tedesco

4y ago


VOTE - John Tedesco - NC State Superintendent "I'm John Tedesco, when my wife Jenni and I think of the world we want for our children we know its starts by improving our schools in North Carolina. Our nation, once a leader in education has fallen dramatically behind. We have to get the bureaucrats out of the classrooms so our teachers can once again teach. We have to empower our parents and increase local controls because all the answers don't come from Raleigh, and certainly shouldn't come from Washington. So stand with me North Carolina to produce a better educated workforce, measurable results for our hardworking taxpayers, and promising opportunities for our children. Our Children Deserve better, and the future of our state depends on it. It will take strong bold leadership with a proven track record of success to get the job done.That's why I'm running for State Superintendent. I'm John Tedesco and I am asking for your vote because together we can ensure our children are prepared for the world ahead." Learn more at: