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OTSW / MV / "Heartstrings" (Original) performance

4y ago


Purchase "On The Stellar Way" on iTunes here: Physicals: Watch the OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO here! "Heartstrings" A song about letting go to move on. Cutting those heartstrings loose and letting balloons, filled with everything, cruise that silver lining cloud.. Lyrics _________ As sweet as the sky looks empty I'd like to see a cloud or two Just to watch them drift away To know my world ain't standing still Cause she's out there, somewhere Living on without me And no matter wher I go She always tugs on these heartstrings And I cry no, no, no When she was departing I let her go, go go It was disheartening I had to sew, sew, sew All of these heartstrings down I'll cut them loose, cut them loose, Free from my heart into the sky Ba-baloons, filled with my love Every moment to cruise The silver lining cloud Where I may shine again Where she may shine again As empty as my heart is I'd like to fill it up I'd cry out I'm sorry a thousand times But that wouldn't be enough She's gonna be alright, I wanna be okay I wanna pick up the phone run to your home and beg for forgiveness But no no no, I can't Facebook - Twitter - Tumblr- Official Site -