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Orihime Inoue - I Am What I Am -

4y ago


People are confused at the moment as to why Hime healed two people who just beat the living crap out of her. I also got a comment From someone saying it was exaggerated and unrealistic and no one In this world would do something like that. I was asked if I would do what Orihime did, and honestly? I dont think i would. Theres a lot of people in this world i dont like, somehow ive always managed to stay above it and not let them get to me but putting myself in this situation, if someone hurt me that badly i dont know if id be strong enough to want to help them. That doesn't mean NO ONE would. In this world there Are people out there worth far more than me that would save a dying enemy. I'm sure many medics, doctors and nurses out there would understand what Hime's character did more than most of us could. If you have the skill to save a life and the courage and maturity to put aside your negative emotions when you do that, then you do it, otherwise its a wasted gift. Firstly, do remember, shes a fifteen year old girl that's lived a fairly uneventful, normal life. Shes given this ability to help people, Which i feel is a manifestation of her personality. She doesn't HATE the arrancar. She's not 'above hatred' or anything holier than thou. Shes not a supreme being - she still feels anger, fear and jealousy like the rest of us but she sees every single person she meets as an individual. If a dog were to bite someone, would that make every dog a danger? No. But they're all /capable/ of biting us. Some breeds have a bad rep but that doesn't mean they're all a danger to people. Now in the case with Loly (I love Loly :D) she actually DID bite. This is where it gets complicated but for anyone that knows me, I love complicated. I'm not saying Orihime likes them, shes not going to be inviting them to her next birthday party, all is forgiven etc. I Believe she IS angry and hurt by what they did but this is the tricky bit. Orihime didn't attack them. She could theoretically have killed them, that's what Tsubaki does remember? He cuts things in half,she doesn't need 50 years of combat training to do that, she just needs the resolve. Its not like the girls were expecting her to fight back. But she didn't hurt them because in her eyes she had no reason to. If she had fought back herself then it would show she had a desire to hurt them. Grimmjow was the one that did that to them and inadvertently it is because of her that they were hurt. Though Loly was the victim of nothing but her own jealousy. (I still love her :D) I think Orihime saw humanity in them, not the good kind but enough to show her that the arrancar have individual thoughts and feelings. Theyre more than Hollows, and for that she cant sit by and watch a life snuffed out when she has the power to do something about it. She didn't apologise and cry and whine to them. She didn't forgive them or even try to talk to them. She just did what she had to and left. She didn't want to be indebted to them, its just circumstantial. she didn't mean for anyone to get hurt and she rectified that. People don't change their nature on a whim, she values life and that hasn't changed even during her time in HM. Leaving Loly to die and Menoly dead would go against her nature. THIS is the realistic aspect to Bleach. Whether you wish to believe it or not Humans can behave like this. ///Its rare by todays standards of course,/// we have all these cults, groups and religions claiming to be based on kindness and how humans 'should be acting' but end up dividing us even more. I think its in human nature to help people in life threatening situations regardless of any emotional ties we might have but its our lifestyles and darker influences that rewrite that coding in us. Money, greed, desire, jealousy, pride, rap music, religion etc. Some of us are just a little bit more innocent than others, for better or for worse they havent been as exposed to all that crap (ie someone of Orihime's age and nature...