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the poor

the poor

Anonymous - Operation Phoenix

4y ago


#Reboot Occupy. #Reboot Anonymous. We Never Die. We Are Reborn. We Are The Revolution. We Must Rise. #Operation Phoenix ***First Update*** Sacramento, the Capitol of Hollywood. Doesn't like free speech. Facebook Event; We Never Die. We Are Reborn. We Are The Revolution. We Must Rise. #Operation Phoenix This Video is dedicated to the Memory of Lamont Harmon of Sacramento California who was gunned down my Sacramento Sheriff February 6th 2012. The Sheriffs involved are back on duty and still have not been punished. There was no weapon found at the scene, Lamont Harmon was UNARMED. Tazed numerous times and shot all over his body, 18 bullet casings found at the scene. It has been said by one Occupy Sacramento supporter "Sacramento is a black hole, light comes in but it never goes out". The shooting of Lamont Harmon has had NO national or mainstream media coverage. Unlike the shooting of Trayvon Martin, who was shot by a "security guard". A man gets gunned down by SHERIFF in South Sacramento, and nobody hears about it. Trayvon was shot by someone being paid to be security. Lamont was shot by men paid by TAXPAYER money to SERVE and PROTECT the citizens. This must end. This Video is also dedicated to the memory of Kelly Thomas who was beaten to death by Fullerton police officers. So far you have read of two deaths by "law enforcement", these deaths happened in the state of California, overshadowed by the legislation of Sacramento. Sacramento makes the laws for California. Its neglect to make and enforce laws which PROTECT the citizens leaves the head of the state GUILTY. Sacramento's neglect to take RESPONSIBILITY for crimes committed by its "Law Enforcement" leaves the head of state GUILTY. Sacramento's continual creation of laws which enforce greed and corruption, while they trample the poor and homeless population, leaves the head of the state GUILTY. Sacramento has painted an image of Hollywood and has tend only to the outer image and dictated what people see. Electing Arnold Schwarzenegger, or other Hollywood icons to lead us. The image seems clean, but We need to clean the heart and purge the inside of its rotten core. This video is also dedicated to Danielle Maudsley; who was tazered and is now brain dead from the impact of her skull on the pavement when she collapsed from being electrocuted by the tazer. This Video is also dedicated finally to Robert Leone, who was beaten over and over again, by Pennsylvania highway patrol. May you find Justice. Rest In Peace; Lamont Harmon and Kelly Thomas May You Find Justice; Robert Leone and Danielle Maudsley Final Message to those who would call yourselves "Law Enforcement", when you see the demonstration of Civil Liberties and the Demonstration of Constitutional rights -- it is your duty to embrace and protect the citizens in their demonstration. If you do not, you are an enemy to the Constitution, and you will be held accountable. We Are Anonymous. We Are Legion. We Do Not Forgive. We Do Not Forget. Expect Us. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Additional Links: Lamont Harmon Additional Links: Danielle Maudsley