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chicken coop

chicken coop

Oo World News In 60 Seconds oO (36)

4y ago


A little rusty after a year WORDS: JPMorgan doubles its trading loss as Dick Cheney throws weight behind Mitt Romney, what a worm Attorney General Holder faces call to be disbarred, as Obama reflects on the lack of unity in his first term, US deploys more military might to the gulf I guess they're getting down to the nitty gritty DC officer allegedly threatened to shoot Michelle Obama, while the US Military is spraying over a Florida City Apple products popular in Iran despite US ban, as lines are drawn over opting out of the US Medicaid plan Bomb kills the women's affair chief in Afghanistan, while a manhunt is launched for suspected Taliban A Georgia girl was punished with a shock collar and was locked in a chicken coop Facebook spies on chats for suspicious behavior as cannibal cult ate raw brains and penis soup An Ethiopian jounalist is jailed for Eight-teen years while Romney still defends bain, The US says Syria is moving its WMDs while the USDA Moves to end 'Go On Food Stamps' ad campaign JPMorgan faces, Obama pushes, FBI launches, Kofi Annan is shocked, DOJ argues, Israel pledges, NASA releases, Peace efforts blocked And the madness continues and with that I have no doubt but thats all the time for world news in 60 seconds Im changedachannel and Im out