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One Life

4y ago



suicide awareness and tribute video... this vid was made to promote the support group that i help to admin. "One Life" bereaved by suicide. we started on facebook and we have plans to expand beyond that, in the near future. we have 750 members, all of them bereaved by suicide. they are there to be supported and to help support others. the empathy and compassion that gets shared in the group has saved more than one person. we gain something that we have difficulty finding in the general community, understanding.. it is something we all need when bereaved by suicide and it is in abundance at "One Life" we also keep the memories of our lost loved one's alive and we honor them all.. we are more like a family than a "group", everybody is warmly welcomed and treated with the utmost respect. we have members from all over the world. every time zone is represented, so there is somebody online at all times 24/7, ready to offer love and compassion to whoever may be struggling. at 'One Life' our members grieve a lot easier and in there own time, without any pressure to do otherwise. please share this clip in the hope that it may reach somebody who needs the support... thank you. please follow the link below and sign the pledge to help to share our message