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Once Upon A Time In America

2y ago


Download Beyond Collapse, 411 page Survival Reference Book at My thoughts on freedom as a concept and how far America has wandered. A video covering the birth of the American ideal, as well as its perversion and degradation over time. The Constitution is not, in itself, an invincible document. It does not provide freedom. However, the Constitution IS a constant reminder of the responsibilities we the people must undertake in order to preserve liberty. It is not the Constitution or the government which protects such rights, but the citizenry which is tasked with its own philosophical and moral prosperity. WE are the first and last line of defense against tyranny. The Constitution is not here to defend us; WE are here to defend the Constitution... Music- Deus Ex 3 Human Revolution Soundtrack Declaration of Independence Scenes from John Adams Please Subscribe Check out the NewAmericaNow Blog at NewAmericaNow Radio Show at Follow me on Twitter for the latest news of the day at and Facebook at