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douglas macmillan

douglas macmillan

On Set with Shira Lazar • Leap Year Season 2, Behind the Scenes

4y ago


Behind the scenes with "What's Trending" host, Shira Lazar. Watch all Leap Year episodes: Subscribe to Leap Year: Get the soundtrack on iTunes: WINNER 2013 IAWTV Award - Best Drama Series. Leap Year is a Silicon Valley drama series about the founders of "Skype with holograms" startup C3D. Follow: Facebook: Twitter: Starring: As AARON -- Yuri Baranovsky As BRYN -- Alexis Boozer As DEREK -- Wilson Cleveland As OLIVIA -- Daniela DiIorio As JACK -- Drew Lanning As LISA -- Rachel Risen As GLEN -- Dustin Toshiyuki Guest starring: CRAIG BIERKO (Cinderella Man, Sex and the City) EMMA CAULFIELD (Once Upon a Time, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) ELIZA DUSHKU (Dollhouse, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) JOSHUA MALINA (Scandal, The West Wing) JULIE WARNER (Dexter, Tommy Boy) STEVEN WEBER (Studio 60, Wings) Created by: Wilson Cleveland, Vlad Baranovsky, Yuri Baranovsky Directed by: Yuri Baranovsky, Justin Morrison Written by: Vlad Baranovsky, Yuri Baranovsky Executive Producer: Wilson Cleveland Producers: Vlad Baranovsky, Yuri Baranovsky, Justin Morrison, Dashiell Reinhardt Associate Producer: Garrett Law Consulting Producer: Eliza Dushku Full Leap Year cast and crew on IMDB Copyright © 2012, Hiscox Inc. All rights reserved.