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love is on the way

love is on the way

"On My Way" -- Eric Hunker (Original)

4y ago


An original song of mine called "On My Way" Subscribe, comment, share with friends and ENJOY!! -Me I won't say I miss you, 'cause I can't It's hard to miss something you never had And even if my heart is hurting I won't say that it's concerning you Love is just a word and nothing more It leaves our lips and settles on the floor And if I say it, it is only me preferring you to lonely nights Now, that is not to say that I don't feel A way with you that I believe is real But don't expect a dozen roses The store that sells the flowers it closes early So many want to call that feeling love So desperate to believe in it because No one wants to be the last So dreams are buried in the past, away But I've got a bucket list, and girl you've got a plane to catch Let's not get carried away But damn, girl I think I like you I think I like you a lot And I don't wanna lose this feeling Don't want to lose what we've got So how 'bout we take it easy? And if I say it please believe me I'm not falling in love, But I'm on my way Well, Johnny says good love is on the way And Mr. Redding wastes time by the bay Now this tune may not be a classic But it captures what I'm asking you So let's be the exception to the rule Distance makes the heart grow dumb and cruel But if by chance my heart remembers April nights, I'll write those letters, I will But life can make a man forget and lord knows where I'm going next I hope I see you around Chorus But I'm on my way, and i know someday We will hear the same, commercial on radio And I know We'll both laugh, and imagine that The other one, heard the same interruption but We'll just smile, and remember for a while Chorus Sign up for my mailing list by emailing your name and city to! Also check my other sites! Main Site: Twitter:!/EricHunker Fan Page: