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george w bush

george w bush

On Board Air Force One 5 of 5

2y ago


Air Force One has flown U.S. presidents more than 7 million miles around the world. With exclusive access, National Geographic joined the crew of Air Force One to document everything from the president's suite and kitchen galley to Secret Service travel preparation and flight strategy. On a very special mission, National Geographic joined President George W. Bush's January 2008 Middle East trip to witness the commanding presence of the most iconic plane in the world. Features interviews with President George W. Bush. The highly trained crew, the detailed planning, and, of course, the aircraft that does the heavy lifting are all detailed in this fascinating portrait of Air Force One. Transporting the U.S. president is no easy task, and this National Geographic documentary covers everything from President George W. Bush's ambitious 2008 Middle East mission to President Obama's first flight on the 747 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC