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the collection

the collection

The Omega Podcast Episode 80.5 Special Episode: Doctor Who Collection at Rochester Public Library

4y ago


Zander, one of the Children of Time, was allowed to put some of his, and a few of his father's, Doctor Who items on display at the Rochester Public Library in Rochester, MN. The collection of figures, books, magazines, toys, and other items went on display on August 2nd, 2012 and will be available to view for the next few weeks. Special thanks to Janna, Jill, and the staff at the Rochester Public Library for making our day. It was a blast selecting items to bring and setting the display up at the library! This library is very Doctor Who friendly with a huge selection of Big Finish Doctor Who audio adventures and other Doctor Who books to check out. You can learn more about the Rochester Public Library by visiting Also, thanks to Wendell Duellman for giving Zander some of the items (The TARDIS Handbook, The Dalek Handbook, and The Doctor Who Technical Manual, to name a few items).