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Olympics 2012 : Indian Team March past

1y ago


Olympics 2012 Indian Team March past "London Olympics 2012" "Olympics" "London Olympics opening ceremony" "Breaking news" news "breaking today" "Olympic flame" "Olympic torch" "Olympic Games" "London Olympics 2012" "london 2012 olympics wiki" "olympics 2016" london logo "london olympics 2012 jobs" "london olympics 2012 mascot" "london 2012" "olympics 2012" "beijing olympics" London: The London Olympics 2012 kicked off with a breathtaking three-and-a-half hour opening ceremony. Head of State Queen Elizabeth II declared the Games open amidst thunderous cheers from the capacity crowd of 80,000, signalling the launch of the biggest sporting spectacle, which returned to Britain after a gap of 64 years.Following the tradition, Greece was the first to enter the arena for the march past while Great Britain, as the host nation, was the last contingent to enter the stadium. Beijing Bronze winner wrestler Sushil Kumar led the largest Indian contingent ever, holding high the Indian tri-colour.London presented a vibrant picture of Great Britain's rich heritage and culture as a colourful opening ceremony marked the inauguration of the 30th Olympic Games at the Olympic stadium. Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire' director Danny Boyle masterminded the show, costing 27 million pounds to stage—less than half the estimated spending on the Beijing equivalent in 2008 and dramatically different in style.The eagerly awaited opening ceremony began with a mass countdown and the chime of a giant bell, ushering in an exuberant celebration of British history, art and culture. The centre of the stadium was transformed into an English pastoral idyll complete with grassy meadows, fences, hedges, a water mill, maypoles and even a cottage with smoking chimney. A cast, including shepherdesses, sheep, geese, dogs and a village cricket team, filled the stage during the one-hour prologue to the show that included a dramatic, low-level fly-past by jets of the Royal Air Force's Red Arrows stunt team.