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Olympic Torch in Chester 2012

2y ago


Arrival to and departure from Chester of the Olympic flame. Jen Moore carrying the torch in the morning from the suspension bridge over the River Dee is a junior international badminton player and the daughter of a member of Grosvenor Rowing Club, Di Moore. Jen ran through an arch of oars held by members of Grosvenor RC, Royal Chester RC and the Univeristy of Chester RC while a fleet of boats including members of Chester Sailing and Canoe Club assembled under the bridge. Afterwards the Lord Mayor and the press joined Grosvenor members at the club for breakfast while they waited for Jen to arrive, which took some time as she was whisked away on the bus full of other torch bearers to Wrexham. By the time she returned only a handful of people were left to congratulate her. Upton Heath primary school children had been set the task of making their own versions of olympic torches and the best were on display at the rowing club.