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Oh My Jonas Ep. 185- Hey

1y ago


Oh My Jonas Ep. 185- Hey (AN: It is Sunday, December 26th.) In the morning around 10. Erin was downstairs in the living room in front of the fire with Nick and Selena. Erin: Mommy says you guys are leaving today. Nick: Yeah, but well be back in 3 days for New Years. Erin: But then youll leave again. Nick: Yeah, but well see you again sometime. Erin cuddles close into Nicks chest. Erin: I will miss you. Nick: Me too. Erin: I want to go see Joe and Demi. Nick: Okay -Nick stands up, carrying Erin and goes upstairs to Joe and Demis room.- Theyre still sleeping. Erin: I want to stay in here. Can you put me on the bed? Nick: Sure -He sets her on the bed next to Joe and kisses her forehead then leaves back downstairs.- Erin puts her little hand on Joes face. She touches his hair and sighs. She sits around for 10 minutes until Joe starts to wake up. Joe: Uggh -Groans.- Erin? -He rubs his eyes.- What are you doing in here? Erin: You guys are leaving later. Im gonna miss you. Joe: Oh -He pulls Erin down to lay next to him.- Me too, Erin. They lay there for a few minutes then Demi wakes up. Demi: -Yawns.- Hey. Morning. Joe: Morning -He kisses her lightly.- Demi: Whats on the agenda for today? Joe: Well, were going to Boston for three concerts, and then coming back here on Wednesday for New Years. Demi: Sounds good. Joe: We should get up. Erin: What time are you leaving? Joe: Im not sure, probably around 1. Erin: Oh. Joe and Demi take turns changing in the bathroom then the three go downstairs. Erin goes over to Kevin and climbs in his lap. Joe and Demi sit down on the couch together. Joe pulls Demi onto his lap, wrapping his arms around her waist. He kisses the side of her neck and she smiles. Joe: I love you. Demi: I love you, too. They hang out for a while then eat lunch. After lunch, they pack up and say goodbyes. Erin hugged Joe last. Her was crouched down and she was standing between his bent legs, her arms around his neck. Joe: Ill see you in a few days, okay? Erin nods, her face buried in his neck. Joe kisses her head and she pulls away to kiss Joes cheek. He smiles and she goes over to her mom. They all head out and put their luggage in the side of the bus and get on and head off for Boston. Its about a 3-hour drive to Boston from where theyre at in New Jersey. Plus, some stops and the snow starts falling right as they head off. (AN: I have NO clue how long it would really take so lets use our imagination.) Demi and Selena were in the back on the big bed talking and watching some tv while the boys did a few phone interviews and called in to a couple radios to talk. Frankie was on the laptop and Mr. Jonas was driving with Mrs. Jonas in the seat next to him. After about an hour, the boys finished up the last interview while they pulled the bus off the highway for some gas. Nick went into the back to see if Demi and Selena wanted to run in and buy a drink or something. They were both asleep. Nick went over and poked them both repeatedly in the stomachs. Nick: Guys, wake up. Selena: Huh? Nick: Were getting gas at a rest stop. Theres a Starbucks inside. Demi: No way?! Lets go! They get their coats on and some hats and sunglasses and went across the parking lot and inside. They got in line and ordered. They moved down to the end and waited for their drinks. Selena: I think those girls recognize you -She points across the big room.- Kevin: -Groans.- I could really live without being recognized right now. Its the last thing I want. Joe: Well then, Im gonna go over and talk to them -He turns to walk over but Demi grabs the back of his jacket and pulls him back around.- Hey. Demi: I dont want you to get lost or better yet, hurt yourself. Joe: Fine. But those poor girls will never have the pleasure of meeting Joe Jonas. Selena: -Sarcastic.- Yeah, its a real thrill. Joe: Hey, dont you remember when you first met me? Selena: No, considering I was under ...