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east coast

east coast

Oh Canada (Daily 16 Day #316) -Bdice

4y ago


ALL RIGHTS GO TO: Classified "Oh Canada" LYRICS HERE!! Download The Mixtape "Daily 16 Vol. 1 Homage To Hip Hop" Download More Tracks @ FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @Bdice3 "Like" Me On Facebook: "Like" The Daily 16 Movement On Check out Aswell As Check Out BYS @ Intro By: @TheSickKidChris MATT AND KIM - "CAMERAS" Is The Beat Lyrics: Lets Celebrate the birth of my country to every province and every city the sun see From BC To East coast We all in We invented basketball Invented Ballin we got them loonies and toonies don't got a dollar bill You bout the green? we got more colours and Thats real Invented the light bulb gave it to edison We invented insulin helping spreading the medicine our health care Really care about ya health Its less about the money and more about how we help Got bacon got beer And we created the caesar Even brought IMAX to all the theatres But See i love it cuz I made it home This the birthplace of dice This is straight homegrown the place i reside So my fans are a fan of ya Happy birthday to my country. Canada.