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social inequality

social inequality

Occupy movement takes to Berlin streets.

2y ago


As part of a global action day with protests in more than 50 countries, the occupy movement in Germany took to the streets in Berlin. Demonstrations started at five different locations converging at Alexanderplatz in the heart of the German capital. Their slogan: A different world is necessary! At the anniversary of the occupation of major squares in Spain, protesters in Germany wanted to show their solidarity to the call for real democracy, against the power of the banks. Germany has so far enjoyed a strong recovery from the global economic crisis and has the lowest unemployment rate in more than two decades with the economy still continuing to grow. In a manifesto the movement called for an essential end to austerity policy that was only beneficial to a minority. Instead, a global financial transaction tax and a reform of the world's financial institutions could counter social inequality, protesters argued. Several demonstrations scheduled for next week in Germany's financial heartland in Frankfurt were now forbidden by local authorities. Organizers had expected up to 40.000 participants and stressed their right to peaceful protest. The occupy movement in Germany is trying to stage a comeback. Here in Berlin several thousand people marched through the inner city demanding fundamental changes to the system. And with the crisis in Europe still worsening more and more people call for alternatives to the current policies.