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Obama will give Terrorist's a license

4y ago


Obama's campaign is trying to stop our TV ad from running! We have struck a real nerve. On Friday four broadcast television stations in the key battleground stations have contacted us and said the Obama camp is denying a key allegation in one of our hard-hitting TV ads. They even demanded that the stations stop running our TV ad. As you know, we at the Republican National Trust PAC are spearheading the effort to expose Obama as the radical he is and defeat him on Election Day. In our TV ad we expose Obama's radical policy toward the nation's 12 million illegal aliens. You can see the our ad "Obama Wants Social Security for Illegals" by Going Here Now. Specifically, the Obama campaign says Obama does NOT support giving illegal aliens Social Security benefits. It is a blatant lie — but typical of Obama. They are clearly frightened by the National Republican Trust, our ads and the fact the the public will find out about Obama's radical agenda. You can help us fight Obama and keep running our TV ad exposing his radicalism — Go Here Now. In fact, Obama is not only wants to give Social Security benefits to illegals, he also backs giving them driver's licenses, free government Medicaid and health care, welfare benefits and even cheap in-state college tuition. We have the evidence to back up our claims and are working with the stations to get our TV ad back up and running. We are providing the station's documentation, which includes our Fact Sheet: Obama's Dismal Record on Illegal Aliens. As our Fact Sheet reveals Obama favors granting 12 million illegals amnesty and citizenship — which makes them immediately eligible for all government benefits — including Social Security. But Obama also voted in the Senate against an amendment which would have banned illegals getting Social Security benefits. We have Obama nailed on this one. Obama is doing his usual two-step: he takes one radical liberal position when voting, and now, facing a general election, pretends he is really a moderate and never held such a position. This time he has been caught! Please help us continue airing this ad in key battleground markets around the country. If you needed proof we are on the right track — and we are hurting Obama and winning votes — his action to stop our ad proves that he's deeply worried about our campaign. Send Obama a message: he can't stop us. Take a moment to donate today and make a difference — Go Here Now. The race is tightening. Every vote will count. Every dollar we raise can make a difference! Thank you. Scott Wheeler Executive Director P.S. Remember when taxpayers hear that Obama wants to give illegals benefits, they know it directly affects them — because they have to pay for it! In this time of fiscal crisis we cannot elect a president with such a radical program. Stop Obama — Donate Here Today or call our donation hotline toll free 1-866-957-1467.