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new york city subway

new york city subway

NYCTA Station Tour: Fulton Street Station (w/Peek of the New Fulton Transit Center Outside)

4y ago


Subscribe for the Latest =)! MTA New York City Subway IRT 7th Avenue Line (2) (3) | IRT Lexington Avenue Line (4) (5) | IND 8th Avenue Line (A) (C) | BMT Nassau Street Line (J) (Z) I decided to bring in a tour of the current station and also a look at the building of the new Fulton Street Transportation Center. Clip is OVER 20min long! The Center enables a connection between all lines (As well as the Future WTC HUB, (1) (E) (R) ) as well as future retail outlets included. The station is suppose to complete some where 2014. Please note, this tour does not cover 100% of the station. As always, please excuse the shaking, I'm trying to keep my butt from getting hit with security issues. Don't want to view the whole thing? No problem! Just go to the time frame where the following lines begins: IND 8th Avenue (A) (C): 0:00 Beginning BMT Nassau Street Line (NOTE: During the time of filming, the platform was closed, and was only able to get a peek with some staircases.): 05:20 IRT Broadway / 7th Avenue (2) (3): 9:00 IRT Lexington Avenue (4) (5) / MID-JUNE CLIP: 15:54 Fulton Street Transit Center (Outside ONLY): 22:45 This tour was taken various days and has / will continue to change thru time. The platform tours (EXCEPT 4/5) were taken somewhere late May 2012, the 4/5 and the outside was taken Mid June 2012! Future tours is in question mark. If none is done, then the next will be when the Center opens. (TRAINS ARE NOT FOCUSED HERE) Enjoy =)! Video Taken: VARIOUS DAYS [Late May & June 2012]