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Ancient Spanish-Inspired Tapas at La Vara - NY CHOW Report

4y ago


At La Vara in Brooklyn, Spanish food scholars Alex Raij and Eder Montero create tapas inspired by a 700-year stretch of history when it's believed Moors, Jews, and Christians lived in harmony in Spain. Contributing Editor Pervaiz Shallwani filed the following report on July 31, 2012. Fresh NY CHOW Reports are served up every week, so make sure to check back often! Check out the NY CHOW Report Season 2 Foodspotting Guide and eat along with Liza and Pervaiz! - Wondering where else to eat in NYC? Check out all the NY CHOW Report restaurant recommendations on the NY CHOW Report show page: Stay up-to-date with Pervaiz on Twitter:!/Pervaizistan Subscribe to CHOW: For more recipes, stories and videos, check out CHOW on Twitter:!/CHOW CHOW on Facebook: ========================================================