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cross your heart

cross your heart

Nu Soul Habits - Cross Your Heart 1994

2y ago


From Nu Soul Habits Motown Debut album Meant To Be 1994 .......... One from the late seventies and one from the mid nineties and both destined for obscurity. Nu Soul Habits CD came out on Motown in 1994 to an underwhelming reception. It did obtain a UK release, however, Motowns promotion team stalled at that point. This album is full of slow to mid tempo tunes sung ably by Tonye Hilmon and Eddie Towns Jnr, who don't fight the tunes but allow their voices to cruise effortlessly over the mellow backgrounds. Check out the beautiful 'Bring Your Loving Home' or the tender 'Where Could You Be?'. This reviewers favourite cut is the excellent 'Cross Your Heart' that is 4 minutes 46 seconds of pure soul bliss.