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alien technology

alien technology

Nova Cry - SciFi Adventure Card Game for 2-6 Players

4y ago


Join our Kickstarter campaign: NOVA CRY is an explosive sci-fi adventure for 2-6 players! Loaded with customizable options, each player chooses 1 ship, 1 captain, 3 crew members and 1 personal weapon as they set out into the danger-filled spaces of Gallator Seven. Will you explore creature-infested planets? Race an opponent to an undiscovered planet? Challenge another captain to a duel? Vote for Galactic Peace or Total War? It's all up to you as you carve out a strategic path to victory in this unforgettable world of heroes, villains, and awe-inspiring spaceships. Goal of the Game: The first player to score 15 victory points or be the last remaining player, wins. Gameplay: Players score points by using the unique abilities of their captain and ship, winning duels, reaching planets, delivering cargo, and performing actions using their available crew members (skilled in Exploration, Alien Technology, Medicine, Psychology, Repair, and Ship Upgrades). Players also collect Intel points to initiate ship battles and character duels, while hoping to encounter Nova Cry cards in order to be the first to wield its awesome powers! Strategy: Players are faced with a variety of short-term and long-term decisions during the course of a game. Some of these decisions include: -Choosing a Strategic Focus: every turn, players can choose one of five different focuses, including Tactical Prep, Command, Rush, Diplomacy, and Galactic Affairs. -Choosing a Battle Plan: during a ship battle, players can choose from one of five different attack types, including Ambush, Entrap, Frontal Assault, Chase, and Coordinated Attack. Nova Cry is not a collectible card game, "living card game," deck-building game, or the like, but is in essence a boardgame that uses cards.