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bank of dalian

bank of dalian

Nothing New About Xu Ming's Revealed List?

4y ago


Follow us on TWITTER: Like us on FACEBOOK: Xu Ming, chairman of Dalian Shide Group, who is involved in Bo Xilai's case, has revealed more key figures also involved in Bo Xilai's case, including most of Dalian's high-ranking officials. It includes Xia Deren, vice party secretary in Liaoning and Dai Yulin, party secretary in Dandong. Commentators point out that this is just the tip of the iceberg, the central leaders in Beijing may have been aware of it, but this time it relates to infighting of the 18th Congress, so the CCP will take action. On May 8, the Epoch Times reported that a source from Central Commission for Discipline Inspection said Xu Ming, known as Bo Xilai's "Finance Minister" and also Chairman of Dalian Shide Group, revealed some core figures. Jiang Zemin's nephew Xia Deren, vice party secretary of Liaoning Province, is the most important figure on the list. The source said that Xu Ming, under control of Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao, has confessed evidence linking Bo Xilai with Zhou Yongkang. Xu also admitted being Bo's "Finance Minister," and that he was in charge of the fundraising for Bo and Zhou's coup. On May 8, Boxun quoted a source as saying that apart from Xia Deren as Xu Ming said, Dai Yulin, former Dalian vice mayor, now Dandong party secretary, is involved in Bo's case. Two former mayors in Dalian and head of the Bank of Dalian are suspected of helping Bo and Xu Ming's corruption and sharing profits. Reports said that Bo sheltered many people from the political, military, media, intellectuals and academic fields as his aides. Xu Ming provided funding for them. Xu also held a list of people involved in the "coup." Pro democracy advocate Tang Baiqiao, who lives in the US, is familiar with the Dalian situation and said that Bo not only trained forces in regulated industries, but also has close links with the local mafia when he was in charge of Dalian. Thus, Xu Ming's name list is just the tip of the iceberg. Tang Baiqiao: "What Xu Ming has revealed, I presume is just the beginning. With further investigation and with more intensified infighting, more corruption will be exposed. Then Zhou Yongkang's aides, to protect themselves, will expose Zhou. Zhou, to protect himself, will expose Jiang Zemin. It is like Pandora's box, a devil's box, once it is opened, it can never be closed." Cai Yongmei, Hong Kong's Open magazine chief editor, said that Xu Ming's name list is nothing new for central government. When Bo served as mayor of Dalian, he and Wen Shizhen, a Liaoning Provincial party secretary, had serious conflicts. Bo's behavior should have been reported to the central government by Wen Shizhen at that time. However, this time it is linked to the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) severe infighting, forcing them to investigate. Cai Yongmei: "If you say the central regime didn't know this, that's not true. Bo has a political background, he caused serious problems but the central regime didn't catch him, and even promoted him. So I don't think the central regime is just investigating his problems now. It is possible they knew already, but hadn't started investigating before. If this time Bo hadn't been linked to the 18th Congress power struggle, he still wouldn't have been exposed." Tang Baiqiao points out that Zhou Yongkang ordered the Political and Legislative Committee to suppress activists, Falun Gong practitioners, and dissidents over the years. He pilfers huge amount of state assets via corrupt means and damages the law. High-ranking officials can't just say they aren't aware of it in order to hide it. Tang Baiqiao: "you say you don't know about a specific case, such as Chen Guangcheng, that the central regime didn't notice, or Wen Jiabao and Hu Jintao didn't know the details. However, the persecution towards Falun Gong, Tibetans, or dissidents, I believe that each official in central regime not only knows about it, t...