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Not Strong Enough -Avengers Crossover Collab (Pick Parts-5 left)

2y ago


So i and everyone loves the avengers right? So you choose one of the avengers or the vilian loki and put them with someone. Rules: Pick 3 parts 1 from each batch (Each part is 10 seconds except for last) You can use original characters, as well as real characters NO Coloring (except for color corrections*to make it look more like the same scene* and black and white but not over the whole part NO WATERMARKS Voiceovers are encouraed (send in sperate file without music) Sparkles allowed as long as it dont fill full part All footage that the actor you picked is alowed *PLEASE KNOW THIS IS NOT FIRST COME, YOU WILL BE CHOSEN* Parts and Deadline will be set once collab is filled!! Characters still available: hulk ironman captain america thor loki First Batch 1. 2. VilyaXxX0llwyna-Black Widow/Aeon Flux 3. 4.ME-Hawkeye/Mari Collins (Erica Durance) 5. 6. 7. Second Batch 8. VilyaXxX0llwyna-Black Widow/Aeon Flux 9. 10. 11. ME-Hawkeye/Mari Collins (Erica Durance) 12. 13. 14. Third Batch 15. 16. 17. VilyaXxX0llwyna-Black Widow/Aeon Flux 18. ME-Hawkeye/Mari Collins (Erica Durance) 19. 20. 21.