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my vision

"Not the End" - Joshua Nason (Ft. Lighted Skies)

4y ago


Download for free here: Follow me on Twitter: @joshuanason Lyrics Chorus 'Cause this is not the eh eh eh eh eh end (8x) Verse 1 You're feeling so hopeless, out of focus Just wishing somebody would stop and notice Stranded at sea, tryna see where the boat is Asking for directions to where the hope lives But everywhere you go just leaves you broken Everything you try makes you cry and emotion Overtakes you like the waves of an ocean 'Til you just scream because of the commotion And your whole notion of life just changes Go from being somebody borderline famous To the next day a nobody that's nameless A person in the crowd who stands out faceless Had so many friends but now they're strangers Everything you used to do used to be greatness But now you're washed up, completely wasted Never studied for a test, 'cause you knew you'd ace it Face it, things aren't what they used to be The harmony's gone if we're speaking musically Cacophonous sounds have killed off the euphony Joy you once had, but no more jubilee You traded it all in for a piece of jewelry And justified it by saying it fit so beautifully Moments later there was a mental mutiny No focus on your soul but a whole new decree Took over the scene and diverted your attention Then you started doing things to loosen the tension Sex was okay if you were using protection Parties were cool and booze were perfection Money was the motive, but your soul was neglected The things you would do left it abused and affected But please don't misinterpret the message I'm sending Your story doesn't have to have a tragic ending Chorus 'Cause this is not the eh eh eh eh eh end (8x) Verse 2 At times I feel like it's the end Looking at this world through a broken lens Looking for hope but keep focusing On everything that just speaks hopelessness Thinking 'bout my past and the things I've done And the more I think, the more clouds come And block my vision so I can't see the Son But when that happens I read Peter 1 And I read about the hope I have in Jesus Christ How there's no longer a need for them sleepless nights My flesh arrested me, but didn't read my rights Gave me death, but I now breathe in life I'm more than blessed, no longer stressed And because of God I'm the strongest yet And because of Him, I no longer let My flesh control me The tests of my past are my testimonies He was willing die so I let Him own me I know that it feels like life's getting harder And none of its lessons are making you smarter Instead they're just giving you reasons to drop out Reasons to stop and belief you should cop out I know what you're going through please believe me But nobody said that this life would be easy Sometimes I wake up feeling sick and queasy Unable to conceive the reason behind why this world feels the need to treat me The way that it does, and I'm sure you feel the same But there's only one way to ever heal the pain And His name's Jesus Christ, the truth and the life Who patiently waits to makes everything right But this ending is yours to decide what to write Chorus 'Cause this is not the eh eh eh eh eh end (8x)