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the nest

the nest

Northern Goshawk Attack

4y ago


For the second time in two years I got attacked by a Northern Goshawk. I was in a patch of forest walking a trail when I heard the familiar call of a disgruntled Goshawk. I only stuck around for a few minutes to get some quick footage. I didn't want to disturb them for too long. I also didn't want my scalp ripped open by these extremely territorial raptors. Beautiful birds but by far the most aggressive I've ever encountered. Not a very common sight to see one of these beautiful creatures. I literally had it miss my head by about 2 ft. whenever it took a dive at me. My adrenaline was running at full capacity. I was shaking and fearful of the other one showing up and catching me off guard. Same thing happened to me last year. I'll stay away now until the young ones are close to leaving the nest. Very difficult to get good footage when you're being attacked! Edit: I recently went to check on the nest and the fledge was successful. I had one close fly by and that was it. Some calls after that but nothing like when they were nesting. I did hear one of the young call from another location other than the nest. All is good.