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UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ - Narda PV (Official)

4y ago


Watch UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ's new OPM cover song "Liwanag sa Dilim" by Rivermaya. Watch the UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ in DAVAO 2012 Live Concert Digest: UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ's new PV from their new album 「METEORS」- CLOUD9 Did you know that they covered one of the hit songs of our very own Pinoy Rock Band 'KAMIKAZEE'?? "We have come all the way from outer space to bring peace to planet Earth through the POWER OF MUSIC" UCHUSENTAI NOIZ OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE UCHUSENTAI NOIZ YOUTUBE CHANNEL UCHUSENTAI NOIZ OFFICIAL HOMEPAGE UCHUSENTAI NOIZ OFFICIAL BLOG Uchuu Sentai Noiz (宇宙戦隊 Noiz) is a visual kei rock band from Japan. They are known for their energetic music, wild cosplay-like outfits, and live shows full of energy and on stage antics. Their music is very eclectic and has many different elements from genres such as punk, pop, metal, hip-hop and electronica in their sound and thus cannot be properly labeled. Some songs tend to not mix all these sounds together and focus on one or two, while other song combine all these elements. There are two singers, Angel Taka (lead) and Masato, whereas for the most part Angel sings in more of a pop friendly voice though occasionally can sound a bit more punk-ish, while Masato tends to sing in harsh/brutal metal vocals and even purely hip-hop/rap style vocals which Angel will sing backup for. (cr: Wikipedia) 【THEY VISITED DAVAO LAST YEAR TO VOLUNTEER & DISTRIBUTED TOOTHBRUSHES TO THE CHILDREN. HERE'S A VIDEO】 You can follow them on their Twitter accounts. ANGEL-TAKA (Angel Voice) - MASATO (Hyper Sonic Guitar) - KYO (Super Vibrator) - YAMATO (Machinegun Beat Grappler) - KOTARO (Neo Eccentric Guitar ) -