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blue pill

blue pill

No thank you Obama I am taking the Red PILL!

4y ago


I have been shown that the chip will be implemented by the end of this year. Will you take it or will you say no? Obama care will give you the blue pill to put you to sleep for ever along with his buddies or you can wake up now and take a stand. What will you do? Do you know what the mark is and what is stands for if you not then you need to be finding out. This is no joke! It could not only cost you your life on this earth but your soul in eternity. Ruby. Clip from: Perry Stone 666 And Mystery Babylon Info Former top Democrat says when Obamacare takes effect, small businesses will drop employee health coverage Bill Gates & Death Panels OBAMA'S Classmate Speaks Out Death/Heath Care in the Land of the LIVING (USA) Hitler Plan #2 ALERT H.R. 2017 REPUBLICANS TO ELIMINATE MEDICARE