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Staff Picks

No Ordinary People: Garrick Ruiz on SB1070

4y ago


This is the first in a series of short films called No Ordinary People, from Uprising about local activists in our community. These are individuals who have dedicated their lives to working on social and political issues but rarely find themselves in a media spotlight. We start our series, No Ordinary People, with LA based activist Garrick Ruiz. Garrick has devoted his life to social justice causes for over 15 years. One of the issues closest to his heart is that of undocumented immigration, particularly the recent targeting of immigrants seen in states like Arizona. In a short documentary made by longtime editor and filmmaker Bipasha Shom, exclusively for Uprising, Garrick discusses Arizona's highly controversial law called SB1070 which targets Latinos and other people of color through racial profiling. In addition to demanding people show their "papers" to prove their immigration status the law also undermines the Arizona school system by banning books which lawmakers feel touch on immigrant issues. In the documentary, we also explore the motivations that have led Garrick to pursue a life of activism, facing arrest and incarceration. This film features original music by Franklin Fox Newby.