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hana yori dango

hana yori dango

No Min Woo's blue Mind ~M I D A S~

4y ago


drama: Midas music: Blue Mind from Hana Yori Dango' soundtrack Yeah I know, I'm monothematic with those No Min Woos videos of mine, but still I have to say that I did adore his acting in that drama, unlike his playing a role in "My girlfriend is a Gumiho" (Park Dong Joo character had a great potential, but ulitimately proved to be a mere subservient person to fill up a scene), which is a great pity!). Although No Min Woo didn't play the main character, he was outstanding and 'visible' enough to pay him an antention = ). I'm uploading this, but I kind feel something is off in this mv, isn't it?