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optical zoom

optical zoom

Nikon AW100

1y ago


AMAZON UK Customer Reviews: "This camera is the one I should have bought initially. I went into depth in researching this type of camera before purchasing (mainly: Panasonic Lumix FT3, Olympus TG series, Pentax Optio WG-1 and Fujifilm XP30, to name but a few) and reasoned that cost and need did not warrant the spend. I was sorely mistaken. I bought the Coolpix S3100 before this and it lasted only 4 weeks. The lens mechanism has failed at the slightest hint of dust. I will be returning to the store as soon as I get back.- It does everything I need it to and then some.- I was not interested in the GPS, but there is no alternative model.- This camera is the best I have seen in this category and I have tried all the other major brands.- I have yet to test it's underwater capabilities, but again I only want it to survive a wet day out or being used on the ski slopes. Done.- The video is excellent quality, and the sound gain for this class of camera cannot be faulted.- Picture quality is really good and though it isn't punted as good for low lux, it does better than any other I have used.- Optical Zoom and panoramic really produce crisp clear photos.- Operation is really easy and point of need learning will get you using most of the main functions without having to refer to the manual.- I never use camera software as I am happy with my computer's own photo software, so no comment there.- I was disappointed that there is no lens cover, but in hindsight the recess and cover glass do more than enough to protect the lens and a cover would do more to trap and allow the ingress of dust. Experience with an earlier model Olympus TG series taught me that.- I carry it in a soft fabric case (for sunglasses) to keep it protected from dust and it lives in my pocket. Nothing is indestructable or totally dust repellent/proof etc, look after it and it will keep working.- What else can I say? Other than people tend to blame cameras for poor picture quality etc, but even in this day and age with today's technology; you still need some photographic know how to take 'award-winning' snaps. This camera can help you do so.- Some people whinge about the cost, but if I had to sum up the expense of cheaper cameras failing and having to be replaced so soon, I'd say this one is most definitely worth it." "actually wasnt the first choice - but as the first choice was faulty and had to go back (amazon do make returns easy)there wasn't any more in stock and this one had just been released....not available in shops at the time.We are now glad the first was faulty as this is a much better camera, excellent price....spare batteries, although battery life excellent, are also available on here for a couple of quid each!!!all in all an excellent rugged camera for pictures and video!!" Product Description Nikon AW100 w. battery (EN-EL12) AC-adapter (MH-65)